1. How can I use quotes listed on Quotes' Treasure?

Ans. You can use our collection of quotes for your academic purpose, inspire or advise others or making your business notes or articles etc.

2. How does Quotes' Treasure collect the quotes?

Ans. Quotes are collected by submission from users or our team from text books, newspapers, websites and other resources available to public domain. We are very caring about quotes' accuracy. We did all our efforts to make them authentic but we still cannot guarantee them as error free, if you find any error then please report to us.

3. I want to submit my selected quotes to Quotes' Treasure.

Ans. Yes, you are welcome and will be appreciated. You can do it by filling this Quote Submission Form

4. Can I submit some explanation for any quote?

Ans. Yes, you can also submit your own explanation for any quote in the form of short article about 250 words; our team will review your submission then will decide to put in website. Your explanation should be only yours and not copied from anywhere. You can submit your explanation in the form of artilce at Article Submission Form

5. How can I report the error about quote, picture or article to Quotes' Treasure?

Ans. You can submit error report by filling Report an Error Form. Please make sure to include the url and description of error.

6. I have some suggestions, how should I submit to Quotes' Treasure?

Ans. You can submit your suggestions to [email protected] with subject [Suggestions].

For more queries, contact us at [email protected].